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If you are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse, there are a number of ways that the law can protect you from your abuser.

Non-molestation Injunctions

What is a non-molestation injunction?


Protection for you.

Protection for children.

From domestic abuse including:

  • Violence

  • Threats

  • Unwanted contact

Occupation Orders

It’s the management of the home you live in.


How does it work?

Occupation orders can force the abuser to:

  • Leave the home

  • Stay in certain rooms only

  • Keep their distance


Plus, you can return to your home.

Transfer of Tenancies

It’s having the abuser’s name removed from your joint tenancy.

transferring the tenancy to your sole name.


How does it help?

It gives you sole rights to your tenancy.


It prevents the abuser from having legal rights to the tenancy.

Who are they for?

Those who have suffered from:

-  Physical abuse
-  Emotional abuse
-  Financial abuse
-  Harassment
-  Intimidation

How much will it cost?

Fixed fees are available for private clients.

Legal aid may also be available.


We’re here to help and support you. And we’re ready to talk when you are.

How long will it take?


In many cases we can apply for an emergency order within 24 hours.

Injunctions are a civil matter.

But it is a criminal offence to breach an injunction.